Experience a Change in Atmosphere

At Immersive we believe in not only a change in your venue, but also a change in the project experience. A project with Immersive is an invested partnership in which Immersive will build a rapport with you, the client, from beginning to end. You will not be tossed into someone’s job queue or handed from person to person for different phases of your project. From the first phone call to the last minute of onsite training, you will get one-on-one attention from the engineer behind the design.

It is our goal that you gain a facility that meets both the needs of your clients, students, or congregation while keeping in mind your goals, beliefs, or mission statement. Our proposals will outline observations made during site visits, research within the industry, and forward thinking making recommendations that best fit your style, needs, and budget.

It is our philosophy that the staff at your organization feel comfortable using all the systems provided by Immersive for a successful close to any project. Training and competency on the equipment are a top priority and key to making your experience a truly positive one.

Whether you have an upcoming project, renovation, equipment need, or just a question about AVL, please feel free to reach out to us. While our engineering team is working to bring new content to our website you can contact us by emailing sales@immersiveavl.com